SyFy Star McKenzie Westmore Tying Knot


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McKenzie Westmore, Patrick Tatopoulos

McKenzie WESTMORE, long-running host of SyFy’s hit show, FACE OFF, and scion of Hollywood’s oldest working family, has married award winning French-born production designer Patrick Tatopoulos (Batman v. Superman) in Los Angeles. Glamorous McKenzie Westmore, longtime soaps star (“Passions,” “All My Children”), young mother, producer and animal lover, has traded daytime for prime time, and is working alongside her famous dad, special effects make up guru Michael Westmore, as TV’s only father-daughter team! The Westmore family has a Hollywood family pedigree that goes back a century, so McKenzie brings a rich history and passion for the art of special effects make-up to her role as host of “Face Off,” the hit reality series wrapping its ninth season on the SyFy Channel. Patrick Tatopoulos established himself as a distinguished production designer and creator of creature effects. His signature style is recognizable in such successful feature films as I Am Legend, Live Free or Die Hard, Underworld, Underworld: Evolution, Silent Hill, Resident Evil: Extinction, Pitch Black, Independence Day, Dark City, Stargate and Godzilla. His other credits include 10,000 B.C., Van Helsing, The Chronicles of Riddick, Aliens vs. Predator, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Gallow Walker, The Dead Girl, The Messengers and The Cave. Patrick has also designed several acclaimed music videos, including three for the popular rock band Linkin Park. Tatopoulos was born in Paris, France, where he lived until the age of 17. He began his studies at the Art Decoratif De Paris; the Art Applique’s De Paris and the famous Beaux Art De Paris. In Athens, Patrick worked as a freelance illustrator for several magazines, and eventually his passion and interest in motion pictures drew him to the United States, where he began his film career in 1989. McKenzie’s dad, an Oscar® winner and nine-time Emmy® winner (with a record 42 nominations!), is the “Face Off” on-camera mentor and, together with McKenzie, the father-daughter team bring a collaborative energy that engrosses viewers and inspires both show competitors and judges alike! He is the legendary make-up behind the TV series Star Trek and he’s also Oscar®-nominated four times and won an Academy Award® for make up on “Mask.” Among show biz dynasties, beginning with her great-grandfather George 100 years ago, the Westmore family, Hollywood Walk of Fame® honorees, have set the standard for film and television make-up, essentially pioneering the field and sharing a legacy of over 2,500 films and television shows and numerous awards!

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