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Thank You, Bob Newhart, for 20 Wonderful Years

Jerry Digney and Bob Newhart

We love anniversaries. This year we celebrate 20 years representing one of America’s greatest comedic talents. With our support, Bob Newhart has kept his career highlights in the news with constant exposure to the media and audiences. (Photo left: Bob Newhart and Jerry Digney)

Jim Parson and Bob Newhart in The Big Bang Theory
Jim Parsons and Bob Newhart in The Big Bang Theory

When Newhart first appeared as the character Arthur Jeffries on Warner Bros. Television’s The Big Bang Theory (TBBT) in 2013 —Digney & Company was behind the scenes telling the world. Thanks to the power of TBBT, he was introduced to millions of viewers. Digney & Company capitalized on the opportunity to reach a new generation of fans through both traditional media and skilled implementation of an online campaign that spoke to TBBT’s core audience.

Photo by Michael Yarish ©2013 Warner Bros. Television. All rights reserved.

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