Crowds don't scare us. In fact, we attract them.

Crowds don’t scare us. In fact, we attract them.

For Over a Decade, Digney & Co. Wrangled Celebrities for the Annual Halloween Opening Night at Universal Studios Tour

Scary Big Crowds at Digney & Co. EventsA long list of prestigious and iconic past Universal Halloween Opening Night Awards recipients includes Eli Roth, George Romero, Wes Craven, six-time Oscar® winner Rick Baker, Tobin Bell, Janet Leigh, Roger Corman, Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, Clive Barker, Patricia Arquette, Jennifer Tilly, Christopher Lloyd, Horror Icon Sid Haig, “SAW” stars Betsy Russell and Gina Holden, Stephen Sommers, Joss Whedon, Don Mancini, Karen Black, Corey Feldman, Shawnee Smith, Sheri Moon, and Michael Berryman, to name a few.

The media turns out for a huge opening night.

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