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“Digney & Co. has emerged as one of the leading public relations firms in Hollywood. It has drawn on the heritage of the great, late Lee Solters, who was the dean of show business PR for his generation, to become a solid, dependable place to find counsel and get professional publicity for all kinds of projects, from TV and film to live performance, as well as representing many important corporate clients.”—Alex Ben Block, Senior Editor


“I have had the pleasure of doing business with Digney & Co. for many years and it has always been a good experience. I deal with so many companies on a daily basis, that it’s always great to work with the team at Digney & Co. They are a class act and I count them among my many favorites to work with. Their honesty and ability to get right to the heart of the matter is very refreshing.”—Bonnie Tiegel, Senior Producer


“Digney & Co. are veterans of the public relations world. They provide answers fast, recognize and respect demanding deadlines and are a pleasure to work with.”—Joe Siyam, Segment Producer


“Through a several year association, Jerry Digney and Digney & Co. as a whole have been one of the most thorough and professional media-facing public relations firms I have worked with —readily accessible, forthcoming, personable, and delivering to the journalist what is needed in an expeditious manner, always most refreshingly, happily on deadline.”—Kevin Regan, Senior Producer

“I have worked with Digney & Co. Public Relations for several years. I find them to be trustworthy and professional, always accommodating and easy to work with.”—Guinevere Smith, National Entertainment Photo Editor

“Digney & Co. is one of the most recognized and respected firms in the business; media-wise, they know everyone and everyone knows them. They are really connected to the Hollywood community.”—KNBC-TV, Los Angeles,  Robert Kovacik, Weekend Anchor/Reporter

“Digney & Co. follows through on their promises. In a world of deadlines, that’s key!”—KABC-TV, Los Angeles, George Pennacchio, Entertainment Editor

“I love dealing with Jerry Digney. Super professional, sharp, classy, and just simply good people.”—ITV, Ross King, Hollywood Entertainment Reporter

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