Jerry Digney Public Relations

Celebrating 7 Years as Digney & Co.

Seven years ago, Solters & Digney, one of the entertainment industry’s last remaining independent publicity firms, gave birth to Digney & Company Public Relations. But for founder Jerry Digney, it’s been a lifetime in the industry.

A Unique Style, Built on Tradition

For over 4 decades, Jerry Digney has built a reputation on delivering media coverage for clients. Rooted in the basics of traditional publicity skills —strong media relationships, idea-driven pitches, and hard work— Digney & Company has always been trusted by individuals and companies to generate the awareness they need.

Digney & Co. Public Relations

Hispanic Media

As the Spanish-language audience grows, Digney & Co. keeps pace with the essential media to reach Spanish language targets. We provide complete coverage of international outlets based on your needs.